from 8th grade to now…the graphic tee that never will die

Graphic tees-this deff isn’t my first post about them and it surly won’t be my last.  They are my comfort zone.  They are also there for me when I just have no idea of what to wear.  You can do anything you want with them and wear them so many different ways to give off so many different vibes.

I am considering this Marc Jacobs graphic tee my ‘ride or die’.  I can remember the whole story behind this tee-which has really been through everything with me.  I was in Las Vegas for vacation in 8th (maybe 7th) grade and was already pretty into designer/nice things.  We went into the Marc Jacobs store and found this tee of the some of the iconic Las Vegas hotels-it was also already had holes in it and was pre-stained (which is probably why it still looks cool today).  It fits perfect and is the best ‘throw on with a leather jacket when you don’t know what to wear’ tee-esp with a comfy pair of ripped boyfriend jeans!  (and I never would have guessed 8 years after buying that tee I would be living in Las Vegas)IMG_2467

I stumbled upon this wall in Downtown Cleveland before heading over to Townhall in Ohio City-which is seriously my fav.  If you are in Cleveland you must go check it out!  I could eat there everyday!  (and totally try the deep dish cookie with ice cream for dessert)

spring tops and ruffle sleeves

Spring fashion is probably one of my favorites.  You can finally wear open toed shoes, light and fun colors, and not have to worry about what jacket you have to go with your outfit.  There are so many new spring trends that I am loving right now-one of them being ruffles-they can make any basic top a bit more fun~~


This WAYF top is winning in so many different ways.  And guys-this top is only $69- what a steal! The ruffle sleeves are voluminous  enough to make a statement, but not too overpowering.  I also love the large bow that can be tied in different locations on the shirt.  I chose to tie on the side.  It is a bit on the shorter side-so when pairing it with pants make it a high-waisted style.  My personal favorite-the Topshop Joni Highwasited Skinny.  They are stretchy and keep their shape for a few wears.



And seriously-if there is one shoe trend I cannot get enough of it is mules.  Seriously the best thing since….sliced bread?  But for real mules can make so many outfits look just a bit trendier.  Check out these


happy spring outfiting xxx




a little friYAY reminder to all…

Do yourself a favor and learn how to walk away.  When a connection starts to fade, learn how to let it go.  When a person starts to mistreat you, learn how to move on…to something and someone better.  Don’t waste your energy trying to force something that isn’t meant to be…because the truth is…for every one person who doesn’t value you-there are tons more waiting to love you better.  DO BETTER. 

cropped pants for the win

Cropped pants are something that I never thought I could pull off-until I tried on the perfect pair and I knew that they would quickly become my favorite summer “dress up” pant.  *I loved them so much I had to buy the hot pink pair for my sAsSy~ days

Ok-so when I was debating on what to pair with these pants I knew I would go back to my comfort zone-this is highly due to the fact that the pants were SO far out of my comfort zone.  And what is my comfort zone?  That happens to be  Sincerely Jules graphic tees.  My collection is starting to really get out of hand….my newest addition reads “Oh darling let’s explore the world”  ummm how don’t you buy that?  Seriously go check out these tees/clothing line if you haven’t already.
So I tucked the soft/amazing/perfectly fitting graphic tee into the totally out of my comfort zone wide leg crop pants and basically fell in love.  I recently fell in love with these *amazing* Jimmy Choo pumps and I knew they would pull the whole outfit together.  The best part?  They were super comfy and I lasted the entire day in them!  So if you are looking for a good everyday pump…Jimmy Choo is where it’s at!


**Ever since buying the pictured pants I have also added the DL1961 Lara Crop Flare to my collection.  I highly suggest if you are looking for a crop jean to check these out.

steppin’ out

Guys-if there is one fun fact that all of my friends and family know about me it is that I LOVE-I mean seriously LOVE-a good designer deal.  I have become pretty good at getting designer goodies at prices that you cannot pass up.  Finding these goodies is a hobby that I have really grown to enjoy.  I really enjoy putting together outfits and being creative in that way and it is even more rewarding to put together an outfit, with pieces that will last for years, that was a fraction of what the price was originally.

A lot of stores have their Designer Sales twice a year, once in the winter months usually right before/during the Christmas season and another one towards the end of Summer.  It is a great time to stock up on goodies that you have been eyeing all season-which is exactly what I did! My weaknesses are shoes and bags.  There is just something about an Italian made shoe that just makes me want to wear them 24/7.  These Prada Bow flats were on my radar all season, then when I saw them on sale I knew I had to pull the trigger on them!  Basically I am obsessed-especially when paired with joggers!

I have been crushing over Chloe flats for a little over a year, but it is just one of those things that always stayed on my “want” list and never really moved over to the “must have ASAP”  list.  It is pretty rare to find these bad boys on sale, especially for under $200, which is why they just had to come home with me.  The color is perfect to wear year round and looks polished with all black.

Both of these finds were at Nordstrom-and both are no longer available keep on the look out for the next designer sale!


One of the best parts about getting a new handbag is putting all of your necessities in it and finding the perfect outfit to go with it for that first trip out.  I have a pretty large bag rotation going and the newest to the collection is a Stella McCartney Falabella ‘Shaggy Deer’ and I quickly became obsessed.  It was a bag that I have been looking at online for a few weeks and I was questioning how it would fall on the body-but as soon as I saw it in person I knew I had to take it home with me.

I purchased the royal blue color in this bag-which is not longer available-but the color really pops when wearing all black!

The past year I have really been growing my bag collection with pieces that are more understated designer-pieces without the designers name plastered all over the bag*. My personal favs in my rotation are the Alexander Wang ‘Rockie’, Chloe ‘Marcie’, and Valentino Leather Flap ‘Rockstud’ bag.
*Now don’t get me wrong-I still think you cannot go wrong with a classic monogram Louis Vuitton.

The Stella McCartney Falabella can be worn a few different ways-crossbody or shoulder bag with the long chain or just as a handbag with the smaller handles.  When you wear the bag on your shoulder the top area flaps down and the bag appears much larger than it really is.

Just one more fun fact about this bag-it is actually not leather and is made with all vegetarian friendly materials!

woke up like this

It is officially snowing here in Cleveland, which i have mixed feelings about, but it really does make for perfect Netflix and hibernate weather.  So, since I was off today I grabbed my new “woke up like this” mug, made some tea, and picked a series to binge watch on Netflix.  I also recently purchased a heated blanket, which makes staying in bed even better-and who knew it could get even better?!  But, what do you wear when you still want to look cute-and stay cozy-around your home?

My personal go to are the Make + Model Flannel Nightshirts from Nordstrom.  I buy them 3 sizes too big so they fit more like a dress and are way oversized.  I seriously live in these year round.  To keep my legs warm while wearing the flannel top I pair it back to a pair of knee high socks.


Here are a few of my other favorite sleepwear/lazy day favorites-and guys sleepwear makes great holiday gifts for almost everyone on your list!

UGG slippers-CURRENTLY ON SALE!  Seriously a great gift for everyone.


‘I cant even’ Mug-you can really never have too many mugs

Slipper socks-because cozy~~~

taking on cleveland

I love exploring a new area-especially when you are almost clueless of everything that is around you.  Since I just moved to the Cleveland area about 3 months ago I have been slowly starting to explore and see what neat things are in the area.

My friend came up from Pittsburgh for the day to explore with me and we got a ton accomplished in 24 hours and we had so much good food!



‘Cleveland’ Sign Downtown location-this is a selfie stick photo op for sure.  The view of the lake and the downtown area is great at this little park!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-makes for a great backdrop for a picture

Progressive Field-home of the (almost) World Series champs!



Guys, I love food, I mean who doesn’t?  There are really so many great places to eat in Cleveland.  Here’s a list of the places we tried:

B Spot (located in Woodmere)-Guys, the fries.  That’s all I need to say…oh and the milkshakes….

Grumpy’s Cafe (located in Tremont)-Adorable decor and even better food.  Great spot for a quick bite with a friend

Colossal Cupcake (located Downtown)-They really were Colossal…and the pink chairs inside just make it that much better

Melt (a few locations around Cleveland)-SO MUCH CHEESE.  I think that’s all I need to say about that.


We really lucked out with the weather, so I did not have to wear a super heavy jacket that day.  I opted for my go to Madewell ‘Fleet’ Jacket that I seriously cannot get enough of.  Paired with my go to Rag and Bone skinny jeans and a lightweight Madewell sweater it was the perfect fall outfit!  I wore these amazing and comfortable Lucky Brand boots-I could walk for days in them!

I am going to a few more cities this week-more to come!

high shine gifts under $30

One of my favorite things about the holiday season are all of the little stocking stuffers, home things, and trinkets that pop up around stores.  I was browsing the gifting section online at Nordstrom and stumbled upon some adorable items that make great gifts for friends, family, or yourself (hey, we were all thinking it).   My personal favorite home goods/trinkets are gold and glittery…there were plenty to choose from here!  Here are some of my favorites that are all under $30!

Glitter Monogram Letter Decoration-$18

‘Get it Done’ Journal-$12

Ceramic Jewelry Tray-$14

Travel Mug-$18

Cat Ear Beanie-$28

I will be posting weekly gift guides from now until the end of the Holiday Season-stay tuned!