from 8th grade to now…the graphic tee that never will die

Graphic tees-this deff isn’t my first post about them and it surly won’t be my last.  They are my comfort zone.  They are also there for me when I just have no idea of what to wear.  You can do anything you want with them and wear them so many different ways to give off so many different vibes.

I am considering this Marc Jacobs graphic tee my ‘ride or die’.  I can remember the whole story behind this tee-which has really been through everything with me.  I was in Las Vegas for vacation in 8th (maybe 7th) grade and was already pretty into designer/nice things.  We went into the Marc Jacobs store and found this tee of the some of the iconic Las Vegas hotels-it was also already had holes in it and was pre-stained (which is probably why it still looks cool today).  It fits perfect and is the best ‘throw on with a leather jacket when you don’t know what to wear’ tee-esp with a comfy pair of ripped boyfriend jeans!  (and I never would have guessed 8 years after buying that tee I would be living in Las Vegas)IMG_2467

I stumbled upon this wall in Downtown Cleveland before heading over to Townhall in Ohio City-which is seriously my fav.  If you are in Cleveland you must go check it out!  I could eat there everyday!  (and totally try the deep dish cookie with ice cream for dessert)


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