spring tops and ruffle sleeves

Spring fashion is probably one of my favorites.  You can finally wear open toed shoes, light and fun colors, and not have to worry about what jacket you have to go with your outfit.  There are so many new spring trends that I am loving right now-one of them being ruffles-they can make any basic top a bit more fun~~


This WAYF top is winning in so many different ways.  And guys-this top is only $69- what a steal! The ruffle sleeves are voluminous  enough to make a statement, but not too overpowering.  I also love the large bow that can be tied in different locations on the shirt.  I chose to tie on the side.  It is a bit on the shorter side-so when pairing it with pants make it a high-waisted style.  My personal favorite-the Topshop Joni Highwasited Skinny.  They are stretchy and keep their shape for a few wears.



And seriously-if there is one shoe trend I cannot get enough of it is mules.  Seriously the best thing since….sliced bread?  But for real mules can make so many outfits look just a bit trendier.  Check out these


happy spring outfiting xxx





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