steppin’ out

Guys-if there is one fun fact that all of my friends and family know about me it is that I LOVE-I mean seriously LOVE-a good designer deal.  I have become pretty good at getting designer goodies at prices that you cannot pass up.  Finding these goodies is a hobby that I have really grown to enjoy.  I really enjoy putting together outfits and being creative in that way and it is even more rewarding to put together an outfit, with pieces that will last for years, that was a fraction of what the price was originally.

A lot of stores have their Designer Sales twice a year, once in the winter months usually right before/during the Christmas season and another one towards the end of Summer.  It is a great time to stock up on goodies that you have been eyeing all season-which is exactly what I did! My weaknesses are shoes and bags.  There is just something about an Italian made shoe that just makes me want to wear them 24/7.  These Prada Bow flats were on my radar all season, then when I saw them on sale I knew I had to pull the trigger on them!  Basically I am obsessed-especially when paired with joggers!

I have been crushing over Chloe flats for a little over a year, but it is just one of those things that always stayed on my “want” list and never really moved over to the “must have ASAP”  list.  It is pretty rare to find these bad boys on sale, especially for under $200, which is why they just had to come home with me.  The color is perfect to wear year round and looks polished with all black.

Both of these finds were at Nordstrom-and both are no longer available keep on the look out for the next designer sale!


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