taking on cleveland

I love exploring a new area-especially when you are almost clueless of everything that is around you.  Since I just moved to the Cleveland area about 3 months ago I have been slowly starting to explore and see what neat things are in the area.

My friend came up from Pittsburgh for the day to explore with me and we got a ton accomplished in 24 hours and we had so much good food!



‘Cleveland’ Sign Downtown location-this is a selfie stick photo op for sure.  The view of the lake and the downtown area is great at this little park!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-makes for a great backdrop for a picture

Progressive Field-home of the (almost) World Series champs!



Guys, I love food, I mean who doesn’t?  There are really so many great places to eat in Cleveland.  Here’s a list of the places we tried:

B Spot (located in Woodmere)-Guys, the fries.  That’s all I need to say…oh and the milkshakes….

Grumpy’s Cafe (located in Tremont)-Adorable decor and even better food.  Great spot for a quick bite with a friend

Colossal Cupcake (located Downtown)-They really were Colossal…and the pink chairs inside just make it that much better

Melt (a few locations around Cleveland)-SO MUCH CHEESE.  I think that’s all I need to say about that.


We really lucked out with the weather, so I did not have to wear a super heavy jacket that day.  I opted for my go to Madewell ‘Fleet’ Jacket that I seriously cannot get enough of.  Paired with my go to Rag and Bone skinny jeans and a lightweight Madewell sweater it was the perfect fall outfit!  I wore these amazing and comfortable Lucky Brand boots-I could walk for days in them!

I am going to a few more cities this week-more to come!


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